A comprehensive three year training sharing the teachings of the Buddha and the three turnings of the wheel of dharma.

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With blessings and guidance from our teacher, Khenpo Lama Migmar, and in honor of his Guru's lineage, we are pleased to offer Triyana, a three-part/ three year series based on the central teachings of the Buddhist tradition.

The Triyana training is an immersive program that will provide a comprehensive overview of the turnings of the wheel of dharma and the dharma of the Buddha. The course will focus on methods and practices that integrate the Buddha's teachings to awaken an enduring spiritual life of harmony, peace and purpose.

Your Instructor

Kevan Gale
Kevan Gale

Mindfulness, Yoga and nature have played an important role throughout Kevan Gale’s life. Influenced at an early age, Kevan was first introduced to yoga by his Aunt and Uncle while they lived in the United States before moving to India where they created a 350-acre wildlife sanctuary.

As a US Trustee of SAI (Save Animal Initiative) Sanctuary, Kevan continues to work closely with his Aunt sharing both yoga and their love of nature. Kevan’s grandmother also played an important role in his life, imparting in him her Native American roots and respect for Mother Earth. This early introduction to the natural world led Kevan to pursue degrees in Environmental Sciences and later a career in environmental consulting that spanned 12 years.

Kevan had the good fortunate of meeting his current teacher Khenpo Lama Migmar, Harvard University Buddhist Chaplain, who he has studied with for over 15 years. He left consulting to fully dedicate his time to yoga, mindfulness and Buddhist teachings. He owns Fluid Yoga and Stil Studio in Dedham MA where he shares the path of yoga and mindfulness. Additionally, Kevan teaches mindfulness at Northeastern University where he is currently working in collaboration with Dr. Dudley to expand the host of offerings to mindfulness students.

What is Triyana?

An Introduction from Instructor Kevan Gale

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
September 23, 2020 - August, 2021 for Year 1. With option of continuation of Year 2-3 runs September 2021-2023.
How long do I have access to the course?
During each year you will be able to access the lectures and at the end of the year a summary will be available to course participants.
What is the cancelation policy?
Once you apply, are accepted to the program and enroll (or if you select to auto-enroll upon acceptance), if you wish to cancel, you must notify Triyana Studies in writing prior to September 15, 2020, for a full refund of tuition paid to date minus applicable credit card and transaction fees. After September 15, 2020, no refunds will be given. September marks the final preparations for the program and holding your tuition at this point reserves your spot in the program. Cancellation requests and tuition refund requests will not be accepted after the start of the program, except in cases of medical necessity or emergency and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
What is the cost?
The cost for the Triyana course is $2,400 per year. Admittance to years 2&3 will depend on participation and involvement in the preceding years course. Payment plans are available and are an interest free payment commitment of $200 per month for 12-months for each year of course enrollment.
What is included/What is NOT included?
Tuition plans include: program components; access to the online dharma and meditations, coursework, video, audio, and written lessons, exams, contemplation questions, admission to two in-person retreats (If COVID guidelines allow and you wish to participate) or livestream/on-demand access to the retreats if they need to be held online (or you're preference is online participation); monthly check-in with teachers, supported sangha group work and administrative support. Tuition does not include: offsite lodging for retreat if you prefer a single room, food during retreat if the in-person option is available. Meditation supplies (cushion, malas, etc). Books or supplemental reading materials.
What is the application process?
The application process has two parts. We request you answer a series of questions about your interest and experience with meditation and the teachings of the Buddha. Additionally please have a letter of recommendation emailed to us ([email protected]). The letter of recommendation can come from anyone, a teacher, colleague, close friend, mentor, or therapist who knows you well. Please have the reference touch on the following: provide a clear explanation of how you know the applicant, the skills and character you believe the applicant has that will be assets in the completion of this meditation training, the qualities that best suit them for undertaking this commitment; essentially the letter should be an endorsement of their preparedness to learn and commitment to the practice of meditation.
Are there prerequisites?
No. We just ask you come into the course with an open-mind, willingness to learn and to work kindly with others.

"I am so grateful for the Triyana, the teachings, the sangha. It is so much more than a course, it is guidance from wonderful teachers and support from sangha for a life changing experience. I am so glad it’s a triyana with a 2nd and third year because I don’t want it to end."

-WW Virginia, USA

"Year 1 of Triyana study has been so valuable to my practice. [The instructors] are amazing guides to the dharma and are able to help me understand the principles and practices that have helped me build a stronger spiritual practice that has benefitted both myself and everyone around me. One of the best parts of the program is to be able to follow this path along side the most loving and kind sangha. My Triyana friends are always there for me offering support, encouragement, and so much insight and wisdom generated from their own practices. Looking forward to the remaining two years of study."

-DB Massachusetts, USA

"It has been quite a spiritual journey. [The instructors] did an amazing job making this course full of knowledge in a very clear way to follow. Looking forward to the second year!"

-CB Massachusetts, USA

"I never dreamed when I made the commitment to this practice I would find my- purpose and faith. It has changed my life. The practice is not easy but so worth it."

- NT Massachusetts, USA

This course is closed for enrollment.